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About the Artist

My artwork is created by transforming upcycled materials into hand-cut and glued analog collages and paper weavings. I typically work with magazine pages, advertisements, and found papers. By revitalizing fragments from our past and present culture, I parody the initial intent assigned to them. My exploration pays homage to women reclaiming our voices and defying the stifling societal confines of objectification and expected domesticity. Imagery previously deemed objectifiable is transformed to evoke feelings of power.

My unapologetic narratives challenge the societal norms that have long shaped our perspectives, and infuse them with parody and satire, sparking a new conversation. My artworks refuse to be confined; serving as a bridge between eras - a catalyst for questioning, learning, growth, and development. Conventions are defied, complexities are embraced, and the discourse surrounding identity is reshaped.


You're invited to explore the tension between historical imprints and contemporary perspectives. A dialogue between what was, what is, and what can be. Experience the past made present, and let your voice join in on the conversation.


Tali Rose Krupkin is an Israeli-American artist based in Jersey City, NJ. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting and Art History at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Recent exhibitions include a solo exhibition titled, "Not Your Daddy's Issues" at Orchard Street Paint Supply (Manhattan, NY) and a solo exhibition titled "Reclaimed Vision" at Mission 50 (Hoboken, NJ), as well as having works exhibited at With Intentions Holistic Studio (Lake Como, NJ), The Art House Gallery (Jersey City, NJ), Prime Gallery (Jersey City, NJ), Brooklyn Collage Collective (Brooklyn, NY) and US+U/Warburton Galerie (Yonkers, NY). She is a featured Artist in Art Review City and her work has been published in OyeDrum, Riot and Roux, The Pandemic Post, They Call Us, and Suboart Magazine.

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