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About the Artist

Tali Rose Krupkin transforms upcycled materials to create her analog collages, giving the imagery new life, often parodying societal themes depicted in consumerism and pop culture. She draws inspiration for her work from her own experiences as they relate to topics of feminism, spirituality, and nature. In her recent collection of work, Tali pays homage to women reclaiming their voices to oppose forced societal pressures of objectification and expected domesticity.


Tali is an Israeli-American artist based in Jersey City, New Jersey. She received her BFA in Painting and Art History at Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Tali is a member of the artist collective Vision Coven. Recent exhibitions include - Mission 50 (Hoboken, NJ), The Art House Gallery (Jersey City, NJ), Prime Gallery (Jersey City, NJ), Brooklyn Collage Collective (Brooklyn, NY), With Intentions Holistic Studio (Lake Como, NJ) and US+U/Warburton Galerie (Yonkers, NY). She is a featured artist in Art Review City and her work has been published in OyeDrum, Riot and Roux, and The Pandemic Post.

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